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2019 Here We Come!

Announcing our 2019 Schedule of Events for Deer Lake. Please check the Schedule Page for the most recent changes.

We need to really help boost awareness of invasive species in our lake. We know we have Curly Leaf Pondweed and we have more Zebra Mussels. We need to continue to be vigilant in looking for, identifying and reporting these invasive species. We will try and keep you updated here and on Facebook page at Deer Lake, WI.

Remember to review the WI boater’s safety rules with all who will be piloting watercraft there may have been some rule changes. Be sure you always have enough Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) on board your boat.

We want everyone one to have a safe and fun summer on the water!

Learn About Invasive Species & Clean Boats Clean Waters Program

The DLIA Environmental Committee is hosting an educational session at the Deer Lake Landing off of 140th Avenue on Saturday June 1st at 9 to 10 AM. We will be describing the invasive species in the lake and the ones we are trying to prevent from getting in the lake. We will have samples of the plants and animal species. We will also explain our Clean Boats Clean Waters program where we staff the landing to inspect visiting boats. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, training will be provided. Families and children welcome.

Please join us – coffee and donuts provided. RSVP to with a count and ages of any kids attending.

#   #   #   2018

Welcome 2018!

The Schedule of Events page has been updated and is available for viewing here: 2018 Schedule Page

We have a good summer of events planned and will announce any additions or changes here. Our Schedule page will be updated very soon - we are still trying to finalize one or two dates. Fireworks will be on Tuesday, July 3rd with a storm date of Saturday, July 7th. Once all dates are final and the schedule has been published it will be announced here and on our Facebook page. Looking forward to another wonderful summer on Deer Lake!

We will be treating for Curly Leaf Pondweed again this year and are required to make a public notice and provide the permit application for public inspection.  Please find the application here: CLP Permit Application. Click on the link to open or download the document.

#   #   #   2017

Upcoming Events 2017

Our final Music On The Lake will be this weekend, August 5th from 7-9pm. Performing will be the Twin Cities funk band The Undergroove. Come on out and shake your booty.

Please look at the 2017 Schedule Page to learn about when all the fun events are happening over the Fourth of July weekend. We will have Fireworks, Music On The Lake, Boat Parade, and Light Up The Lake.  Then, on the following weekend, we will have our Pontoon Party and the combined Annual Meeting of the Deer Lake Conservancy and the Deer Lake Improvement Association. Lots of fun events coming up and we hope you enjoy all of them!

Aquatic Plan Management Review

Click on the link below to download the draft of the Aquatic Plant Management Plan. This plan presents a strategy for managing aquatic plants by protecting native populations, managing curly leaf pondweed, and preventing establishment of invasive species through 2021. The plan is being made available for public review and input.

Comments are now closed.

Deer Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan Draft

Deer Lake Conservancy News

The Deer Lake Conservancy has been recognized many times throughout its history. Here is the latest article describing the successes of the Conservancy and its positive impact on Deer Lake.  The article come from the Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine and can be view by clicking on the link below:

Conservancy Article WNR (12/2016)

Survey Results

Recently, you were asked to complete a survey regarding Deer Lake. We had 68 people respond (out of approximately 300 homeowners) and we learned quite a few things. The obvious thing that resulted from this survey is there is still a misunderstanding of the roles of the Deer Lake Conservancy and the Deer Lake Improvement Association. Here is the simplest explanation: the DLIA addresses issues in the water (invasive species, clarity, water quality, etc) the DLC address issues in lands surrounding the lake, watersheds, and has made significant impacts on the quality of water entering the lake. Watershed management has allowed us to create natural filtration of water as it flows into the lake from surrounding lands. Here is a link to the full survey results. Deer Lake Survey

Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APM)

This past winter the DLIA Environmental Committee has been hard at work revising the Deer Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan. This is done every five years and is an outline of the Associations efforts to maintain clear, clean water in Deer Lake. We have added a section on Zebra Mussels after the discovery of a single adult Zebra Mussel last fall. We will be pushing educational efforts and asking residents to assist in the monitoring of invasive species; including Zebra Mussels.

Per the requirements of the DNR grants we are providing a draft copy of the plan for your review. Click here to download a pdf file of the plan. 

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2017 Is Here!

And the Summer Schedule has finally been posted! Many have asked when the fireworks will be, what nights will we have Music On The Lake, when is the Flagstad Farm Picnic? All these questions can be answered on the update Schedule page. Check it out!

This year the Deer Lake Improvement Association will join with the Deer Lake Conservancy in sponsoring the Flagstad Farm Picnic on the last Saturday in July.  The DLIA and the Conservancy work very closely to maintain the beauty and pristine quality of Deer Lake. For those that don’t know the differences between the two groups, the easiest way to think about is the Conservancy deals with the watershed land surrounding the lake (where the water drains into the lake from) and the DLIA addresses specific concerns in the water, such as invasive aquatic species and algae blooms. 

Both organizations have important functions and compliment each other.  The Conservancy has been very successful in purchasing key properties around the lake allowing them to successfully control runoff and limit the high levels of phosphorous that had been running directly into the lake.  The DLIA has implemented programs such as Clean Boats, Clean Waters to educate boaters on Deer Lake about invasive species and how to inspect their boats and trailers to reduce the possibility of introducing an invasive specie into the lake.  The DLIA also has treated for filamentous algae and Curly Leaf Pond Weed. We will be closely monitoring the lake for Zebra Mussels now that one has been found. We will need to enlist residents to assist in this monitoring to be successful. Watch for more communication on this topic in the near future.

Speaking of Curly Leaf Pond Weed, there is an application to the WI DNR asking them to allow us to treat the beds of CLP we have treated in the past. You can review the document by downloading it here> APPLICATION.

#   #   #  2016

Festival Theatre Night Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Showing this evening is the play “Private Lives”. 

Elyot and Amanda divorced five years ago and have both recently married again. Problems arise when we learn that they are both on honeymoons with their new spouses in adjacent suites at a resort in Southern France. When Elyot and Amanda learn of each other’s presence, old flames are ignited and a whirlwind of events take place that leave all involved in a tangle of emotions.

Come out and enjoy the talents of folks in the community.

Random Notes...

The Annual Meeting of the Deer Lake Conservancy and the Deer Lake Improvement Association was held on July 9th at Trollhaugen and was well attended.  Between the two meetings, Aaron Cole of the Wisconsin DNR, gave a presentation about the fish survey that took place earlier this year. You can download a .pdf version of that presentation here:  Fish Survey

The Deer Lake Conservancy published their July 2016 report and that can be downloaded here: DLC July 2016

Next Up: 

Deer Lake Conservancy Picnic, July 30th, 6pm Flagstad Farm .

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Independence Day Weekend Celebrations

We are planning a big celebration over the Fourth of July, beginning on the First with Light Up The Lake! This is a fun event to kick off the weekend, a few minutes before 10:00 pm place a few luminaries on the end of your dock, then hop in your boat and slow cruise around the lake and look at all the lit up docks!

On Sunday the 3rd we will have the Deer Lake Fireworks display which will begin at 10:00pm. On Monday the 4th will be the Boat Parade at 1:00pm and Music On The Lake at 7:00 pm. Come out and celebrate the Fourth of July!

The following weekend is the Pontoon Party on Friday night and the combines Deer Lake Improvement Association and the Deer Lake Conservancy Annual Meeting. See the Schedule page for details around all these events.

Summer Party

The summer party is this Saturday, June 18th at Wild Mountain. This year we decided to try and open the party up to families and offer a discounted ticket at Wild Mountain Water Park. You can get tickets starting at 1:00 pm if you have RSVP’d to Cookie Jandric.  The social hour starts at 4:00 pm followed by picnic dinner at 5:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Spring Update

Welcome back to Deer Lake! We’re looking forward to fun summer of social events and leisure on the lake.  We used to have our Spring Party in May and attendance had dropped off, so we will be having our “Spring” party a little later again this year and now it’s a Summer Party. We will be trying a little different format this year by starting earlier and including families.  The party will be held at Wild Mountain and the Water Park will be available for those who want to cool off.  We hope everyone will come and participate and let us know how they like the new format.

Music On The Lake will be back again on the Fourth of July and once in early August.

Fireworks will be on Sunday, July 3rd at 10pm with a storm date of Saturday, July 9th.  We always try and have the fireworks on the scheduled date, the reason we would postpone are due primarily to high winds or thunderstorms with lightning. Basically, anytime being on the water would be considered unsafe.

The Conservancy picnic will again be held near the end of July at Flagstad Farm.  This is a great opportunity to visit the restored prairie and get a first hand look at the good work the Deer Lake Conservancy does for all of the Deer Lake residents.

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Cell Tower Update

As you may have noticed, the cell tower has been completed on the west edge of the lake. Some of you are very happy to have increased cellular coverage and others are very disappointed that we now have this permanent structure with lights visible from all points of the lake. In late July the Polk County Circuit Court rendered a decision in the litigation between Polk County and Verizon, SBA Towers. The court found in favor of the plaintiffs and ruled that construction of the tower could proceed with no restrictions to the original application. Construction began in early August and the tower is close to operational status at this time. There were many interested parties that fought this battle to the best of their abilities but ultimately the court failed to agree with any of the arguments. We wish to express our thanks to all of those folks for the many hours spent attending meetings and hearings in an effort to protect our lake from this blight on the horizon. A special thanks to Jerry Carroll for the many hours of Pro Bono legal work that he provided. Just to be clear, the issue was not the cell tower itself, but the location of the tower and its proximity to the lake. Verizon could have easily placed this tower half a mile further west (a suitable alternative location was available and suggested to them) and obtained the same coverage area without interrupting the views from the lake. They chose to keep their original location and the court supported their decision.

Clean Boats Clean Water program

Through the Clean Boats, Clean Waters program, volunteers are trained to organize and conduct a boater education program in their community. Adults and youth teams educate boaters on how and where invasive species are most likely to hitch a ride into water bodies. Inspectors perform boat and trailer checks for invasive species, distribute informational brochures and collect and report any new water body infestations.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping out with this program, either as a volunteer or a paid employee, please contact Joan Leedy or Denise Sinclear-Todd for information on how to get trained and get on the schedule for this Summer.  There is an application available for download here.

Description: Work at the Deer Lake Public Access welcoming boaters to the lake and informing them of the Clean Boats, Clean Water program and how to keep evasive species of plants and animals out of Deer Lake. $9 per hours. Must be 16 years or older. Interest in environmental issues a plus. Outgoing personality a must. Shifts available starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend as follows.


Friday evenings 4PM to 7PM

Saturday mornings 6AM to 10AM

Saturday afternoons 4PM to 7PM

Sunday mornings 6AM to 10 AM

Sunday afternoons 1PM to 7PM


Any Deer Lake family that would like to volunteer for a shift can also apply. Click here to download an application.

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Stories from previous summers

Connie and Cal Dinham shared a couple of interesting pictures with us.  The first is a pair of Muskies with a small northern swimming right above them.  The second is a picture of a bass Cal caught on a red worm, only the bass was caught by a musky before Cal could reel it in! Thanks for the pictures and the story!


Music On The Lake

If you haven’t had a chance to come out for Music on the Lake then check out some videos of Deer Lake’s Music On The Lake events. There’s even an amphibicar!  Click Here to view.

Drone Video

Other MOTL

If you are a Facebook user, please remember to visit and “Like” the Deer Lake page!  We will try and post event info and other news on the FB page just as we post here.  But anyone who “Likes” the page can post there as well.  So if you have something to share about Deer Lake and you use Facebook, that’s the place to spread the word.  If you have something to sell or if you lost/found something on the lake, please put the info up on the Facebook page so that others may see it.   As always, any inappropriate posts to the Deer Lake Facebook page will be removed by the administrators.

Check back soon and see what’s new!

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